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Physical Books Still Have Room On My Shelf

I often find myself at a bookstore, not necessarily to buy books, merely to be around books.

With a steady count of 7 untouched books laying around in my apartment, I still somehow end up at Chapters on a weekly basis. No worries though, I’ll read them all in due time – at least that’s what I tell myself.

Usually I don’t think much of it, it’s just something I do. However, last time, I was particularly stunned because I had a busy day and still somehow made the 30 min long detour at the bookstore.

Picking up book after book, I touch and feel countless pages. Stopping to read a sentence or two here and there.  One of the small pleasures of life.

I didn’t end up buying any books, I never do, and still left completely satisfied. Can you relate?

It’s never about the book itself, more like the sense of knowledge it carries with it. It’s the fact that you’re dedicating time to better yourself, to learn something new – it’s euphoric.

There is nothing like cracking the spine of a fresh new paper book. Knowing that the book has history, that its lived in some sense, however, always draws me back.

We tend to often be obsessed with the new. New cars, new clothes…it makes sense to replace the old with the new, in some cases.

In a similar way, there’s this particular obsession with new books. And lately more than ever, e-books. And I understand why – it’s portable, easier to store more books…I mean why have those 7 books laying around when you can have them all your pocket..

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against innovation, I’m not against reducing paper consumption, but I’m saying that physical books can still have a life – if circulated in a more efficient way.

It’s all about shifting mindsets. The question is, are you ok with used books? Does it have to be crisp and brand new? What if you can still have the same feeling of opening a book, finishing it, and then selling it back to your community?

That’s kind of what we wanted to do with BookBack.

Here’s a crazy stat for you: Did you know there are over 129 million books in the world ( In the US alone, there are somewhere between 600,000 to 1 million books published every year ( That’s a lot of paper.

Help us reduce this by taking the books you no longer need and uploading them on the app, and use the app to find a book you do. It’s that easy.

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