Books Are Meant to Be an Investment, Not an Expense
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Books are meant to be an investment, not an expense.

It all started with one idea: Books are meant to be an investment, not an expense. This is the premise behind BookBack.   Today, after a little over a year’s worth of work, it’s finally out in stores. And we’re really proud of that. To the people saying: You can’t… there’s already Facebook and Kijiji […]

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Physical Books Still Have Room On My Shelf

I often find myself at a bookstore, not necessarily to buy books, merely to be around books. With a steady count of 7 untouched books laying around in my apartment, I still somehow end up at Chapters on a weekly basis. No worries though, I’ll read them all in due time – at least that’s […]

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Working at a Tech Startup when you’re not a Techie

Let’s rewind back to sometime in mid-February 2017. I’m stuck on a plane, no books, no working TV and 5 hours to go…so, the entrepreneur in me pulled out a piece of Kleenex and jotted down ideas: A platform for all book-lovers to find/sell books; A place where students can buy and sell books; A […]

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