Books Are Meant to Be an Investment, Not an Expense
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BookBack is an app that lets you trade, buy, and sell books, just like that!


Use the search bar on the homepage to search for books by title or author sorted by proximity to your location from closest to furthest.


Scan the barcode on the back of a book you want to sell to upload it.


Click on the chat icon to connect with a seller on the book you want to buy.


Decide on the date, location, and time to meet up to complete the exchange.

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Our Team

  • George Khalife
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • George is a sales and marketing professional with a finance background and the DNA of an entrepreneur. He's currently the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Sampford Advisors (the #1 mid-market M&A tech adviser in Canada). Previously, George was Associate at the Toronto Stock Exchange leading sales initiatives in Toronto & New York helping private companies go public. On the side, George has a passion for leveraging social media to enact positive change. He has a personal blog where he shares thoughts/experiences on various topics and hosts a podcast called "Let's Grab Coffee" which looks to interview successful people in different industries. George holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a specialization in Finance from the University of Ottawa. 
    Favorite book: "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Robin Sharma

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  • Hikmat-Tony El Ajaltouni
    Chief Digital & Operations Officer (CDO/COO)
  • Hikmat-Tony has been engaged for more than 10 years in the high tech industry working for a Fortune 100 Multinational and consulting on the development and adoption of many software products ranging from enterprise and mobile apps, chatbots, and web platforms. Hikmat is focused on the digital growth and expansion strategy of BookBack and on scaling it to millions of users. Hikmat is a network expert and holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Computer Engineering and has 2 IEEE papers and 1 Elsevier Journal published. Favorite Book:The Black Swan” by Nassim Taleb

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  • Elie El Ajaltouni
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Elie is an entrepreneur and software engineering manager designing and leading the development of the next generation virtual network functions orchestration solutions at a Fortune 100 Multinational. With more than 10 years of software development experience, Elie has worked on many different software products ranging from mobile apps, chatbots, web platforms and websites - some were self-driven and others for customers. Elie holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Computer Science, has 4 papers and 1 journal published and has won many awards for his software engineering contributions.
    Favorite Book: "Bold" by Peter Diamandis

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  • Sally Adam
    Head of Marketing & User Experience
  • Sally is the speaker coordinator head at the Legacy Conference, Canada’s largest student-run entrepreneurship conference. Thought this role, she connects with some of the world's top entrepreneurs in hopes to inspire them to share their legacy and help the future builders and thinkers. On the side, Sally runs an online clothing store, Thrifted Co, which brings affordable second hand streetwear to her community. Through her experience, Sally has cultivated a passion and skillset for growth and will be focused building an online and student based community of book lovers at BookBack. Sally is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ottawa.
    Favorite Book:
    The Autobiography of Malcom X” by Malcom X

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  • Sushrut Sadana Finance student at Telfer School of Management

    Bookback is an innovative concept that lets you compare the prices among different sellers and even exchange books with other people. As a university student, this app is a blessing for me, as I can now save a lot of money by finding the used books on the app. Also, the support team is there to help you in case you face a problem. I see a bright future for the company ahead.

  • Areej Younes Social Media and Growth Hacker at UnCo.

    As someone who loves to read and spends a lot of time in bookstores, Bookback is one of the most useful apps I'm looking forward to using. It helps me sell the books I don't need, and find books I want by comparing prices from different sellers. The boundaries for Bookback are limitless, and will definitely be one of my most used app on my phone!

  • Kim Angèle Vallières Risk Analyst at Marsh Canada

    "Bookback comes into play with a concept that is efficient, useful, and overall well designed. Being a bookworm, I am looking forward to the ease of use of Bookback and the ability it will provide me to buy, sell, or trade any books at any given time and in any region I may be. An app like this not only provides an easier way to access books, but is also a way to save money while still reaping the benefits. I am looking forward to Bookback!"

  • Alex Milosevic Finance student at Telfer School of Management

    "Being a student of life it’s safe to say I’m always reading, because of this my book collection has outgrown my shelves and tapped deep into my pockets. With the bookback app I am able to save space and money, but most importantly I am able to keep doing what I love, read. Usually saving money is hard it’s something you have to go out of the way to do, but with bookback I can do it all from the comfort of my local coffee store. Bookback is here to stay, and change the industry."

  • Samiha Sher Sales Intern at Kivuto

    I'm always looking for the best deal for a book, there's nothing like knowing you got the best price in a convenient and simple way. Whether I'm trying to find a something new to read, or looking for an old favourite, Bookback will make my search easier and efficient. This app will be useful for all kinds of readers and scholars, it combines a cherished past time with the digital age we live in.

  • Katelyn Dong Associate, TMX Group

    As a passionate reader and a lover of books, I would read one book every week, only to sell them at garage sales or to used bookstores for prices well below their value. If my books were not sold, they would be stored in my garage, never to be revisited again. Bookback brings together a community of interested readers that allows great books to be circulated in exchange for great value. No longer do my books have to sit idle. In fact, Bookback will continue to feed my curiosity and passion for books and reading in a fun, easy and interactive way. Thank you for providing this service!

  • Rohan Kumar Analyst Farber Group

    Great team - amazing platform. Can’t wait for more!